Richard Alfred Johnson


    Richard  was born in Portland, Maine and graduated from So. Portland High School.
After graduating  from the University of So. Me. in 1973 with a BA in art, he operated a pottery studio " The Mad Potter" in So. Portland.

    During the summer of 1976, Richard and Susan moved to Port Clyde, Me. where they established Port Clyde Pottery. Their Maine Blueberry Pottery was started in Port Clyde
where they also started raku firing which was very unusual at the time. WCSH News Portland did a short story about Richard, Susan and the raku firing process.

    Camden Pottery was established in 1982 and continued until 2010. During that time Richard and Susan retailed pottery, sculpture, paintings, and other fine crafts throughout the United States and Europe.

    Richard, Susan, and family have been involved with the Maine Lobster Festival for over 35 years where they have demonstrated pottery, sculpture, and paintings.   Richard continues to work at the festival creating life sized mermaids. Ten mermaids have been sculpted at the festival and are located on Lake Ave. in Rockland in front of their home and studio.

    In 1995 Richard was invited as a guest artist to sculpt in the castle at Walt Disney World Florida.

     Richard and Susan have three children. Jamie is a skilled carpenter and works in the Midcoast Maine area.  Jenilyn graduated with a MFA in ceramic sculpture and also works as a potter and sculptor. Jeni also demonstrates pottery  at the festival. Maggie currently is working on a doctorate in marine biology at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in  San Diego, Ca. and travels the world studying coral reefs. Richard and Susan have 3 grandchildren, Patrick, Jakob, and Cameron.

    Richard currently teaches art at Oceanside High School in Rockland and sculpts whenever he can. He has been developing a bronze foundry at his studio where he pours bronze to create sculptures, and works in clay producing stoneware pottery.

    Camden Pottery Blueberry Stoneware is available from Acadia Shops in Bar Harbor, Me. This blueberry pottery can also be found on the secondary market  generally from E Bay. It has also been known to show up in antique shops which is a good example of how long this pottery has been around Maine and the US.